Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Our first Christmas

Christmas at The Landing

Not only did we host our first Christmas Party, but we hosted two!  We had Christmas Day with Matt's extended family and the Saturday after Christmas with mine.  A lot of planning and cooking took place and they were both a success!

Loved spending so much time over the holidays with my sister! 

We took the family down to the river on the tram- cocktails made the ride even more fun!!

Favorite memories: Staying up late with my mom and sister Christmas Eve watching Christmas Vacation, drinking spiked hot chocolate, and enjoying a fire.  Opening presents with Matt's family in our jammies Christmas Day night :)  Cooking dinner with my grandma <3 I absolutely loved having a full house over the holidays and can't wait for next year!

Change of Seasons

I love seeing how the river view changes as the seasons change!  

Fall: The trees were beautiful as the leaves changed colors.  We soon realized how many trees we had... Matt spent hours weekends in a row cleaning up all of the leaves.  Bailey was his little helper-- she loved jumping in the pile of leaves!  We also saw a couple of bald eagles-- amazing birds.

Winter: The view of the river is amazing without the leaves on the trees!  We had a week of below freezing temperatures and saw a lot of ice floating down the river. We love spending cold nights curled up with the dogs in the great room watching a a movie with a fire in the fireplace.  

I cannot wait for spring-- warm weather, planting a garden, and being able to explore down by the river. I will miss the view of the river in the winter though- breathtaking!