Monday, July 6, 2015

Bye bye brass

We love our house, but we are slowing removing everything from the 70s!  

This hall bathroom light fixture on the left looks like something out of Harry Potter.  We replaced the light fixture and the best part of it... it was free!

The door knobs were on sale and we have been wanting to replace them for a while.  We installed oil rubbed bronze knobs, and I love how they turned out! 

Everyone always says if you go shopping with your wife, you will spend more... well this is even true at the hardware store :)  Matt and I went to Lowe's last weekend to get a few odds and ends and left with new door knobs for the house.  Matt always jokes that he should start paying Lowe's rent because we go there so often.  This visit he asked a worker where a roundup sprayer was because he couldn't find it in aisle 7 where it was before and the employee asked if Matt wanted a job at Lowes... this made his day. :)

I removed the hardware from the vanity in the hall bathroom and spray painted it just like I did to our master bathroom a few months ago.  Someday we will replace the vanity, but for now we have an updated look and it only cost me $4 :)

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