Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Herb Garden

Even though it rained the last 9 out of 10 weekends, we managed to do some gardening!

Typical Saturday afternoon... Bailey digging and Lilly sunbathing.

My herb garden! I love to cook and have been wanting my own herb garden for a while.  We were at SAMS the other weekend and picked up this herb garden on clearance.  I planted oregano, dill, sage, peppers, basil, and rosemary.  

I also wanted to create cute herb garden markers without paying a fortune.  I took drywall shims and spray painted them with black spray paint.  After a few coats and letting them fully dry, I wrote the name of the herb in silver permanent marker.  The result: cute herb markers.  The price: $2.  :)

Now it's time to see if I have a green thumb! I already used Oregano and Basil in a few recipes and can't wait to use more!

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